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In the future, I’ll be covering specific grammar issues, but today I’d like to take some time to talk to you about the difference between editing and proofreading.

You see, editing is the process of going through work and making cuts and changes to improve the flow of the story better.

Editing tells you to cut that line that just isn’t funny or to add an entire scene to make a motivation clearer.

An editor might tell you to choose a more specific and stronger word or tell you that you need to make your meaning in a sentence clearer.

He or she might tell you to move a scene to earlier in your manuscript or cut it altogether.

Editing is a very different process than proofreading, and trying to proofread your manuscript before the editing process is done could be an enormous mistake.

Proofreading is the careful and meticulous process through which you search your manuscript for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation and typography.

This is where you’re gonna find that place where you said, “I went to the food court and-and bought a pretzel.

Proofreading is where you find missing commas or the wrong version of “principle” and “principal.

When you go to proofread your novel, all of the editing should be done. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t fix typos while you’re editing.

I mean, if you see it, fix it.

Now some editors do both proofreading and editing, but it’s important that you as the author are clear with anyone you’re asking to read your manuscript before publication what you expect from them.

Are you asking them to give you feedback as a beta reader, to do line edits as an editor, or to find just any typos that you might have made as a proofreader? Before you give your book to anyone to read, be they a fan or a friend or a paid editor, make sure that you at the very least do your own first pass of editing and proofreading.

It’s really hard to see all of the problems with a book when there’s tons of spelling errors, typos, misplaced commas, and tense changes. That is why I always recommend to people to always find a professional proofreader that offers proofreading services to professionally proofread their contents, articles, ebooks and so on.

Don’t just print your first draft and send it off for publishing!If you really want your book published on then you need to find yourself a good proofreader, at least that’s what I do.

Now, I must say that finding a professional proofreader was difficult for me at first until I found Docyes. She’s not just a great proofreader and editor, she also writes contents, articles, books, she even converts and books into various formats. She’s simply fantastic.

You can find her @ She’s online and ready to work 24/7 on orders, that’s why I like her a lot.You can give her a trial you if want to or you can check out other proofreaders and editors out there.

In conclusion, be sure to remember all I have written here and never forget any. Most importantly, recognize the importance of finding a good proofreader and editor for yourself as that is extremely necessary; as for me, I’m sticking with my editor and proofreader 


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