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When it comes to the online or offline activities, there are probably a good number things you want to be done for you, or you want to do yourself, but due to some considerable factors, you are unable to do or receive such service.

I know for sure how it feels needing to write that article, ads copy, content, or wanting to have that perfect book properly formatted and proofread, yet unable to do so, probably because you have no skill to perfect such need.

I usually ask my clients to keep acquiring skills in order to find no trouble doing some of these things themselves, but then, you will agree with me that there some things we would rather have others do for us, probably because of our very busy schedules.

I for one,  usually have very busy schedules and so, I never do things that could conflict with my tight schedules or things that I know that I can find someone else who would excellently and professionally do such a thing for me.

I once wanted to create a perfect landing page and a well-written ad copy for my marketing campaign and employed the services of a freelancer to do that for me, but unfortunately, the whole thing later turned out to be a disaster such that it almost completely discouraged me from continuing in my campaign plans.

I later realized that amateurs and inexperienced freelancers can sometimes become a complete waste of time and money, but fortunately for me, I was introduced to these two great Freelancers that have made my online work a complete excellence and beauty.

Therefore, from my personal experience, the two most professional Fiverr Freelancers that are very affordable and that I can confidently recommend mainly because I have done several deals with them on SEO articles, book proofreading, landing page designs, sales page design,  ads copy, book formatting, WordPress website design, etc.

These two great persons are Docyes  and Zult.  Take a look at their full detailed description, profile and profession below:

 Name: Docyes

Fiverr Freelance Website:

Profession:  Seo Article/Content Writing, Book/Article Proofreading, Sales/Ads Copy Writing And Kindle/Ebook Conversion and Formatting.

Her Services Include:

Seo Article/Content Writing

I have personally used her services on and outside of Fiverr and I have also recommended her to some of my clients. For a considerable amount of money, she works with her team and offers the following services as regards to the following:

  • Website Content (From the scratch)
  • Landing Pages ads copy
  • Sales Funnels ads copy
  • Articles
  • Social Media Posts
  • Product Descriptions
  • Product Review Post
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Blog Posts
  • White Papers
  • Manual Rewriting
  • Special Reports Writing

She also writes on topics like:

  • Sports and Fitness
  • Cannabis, Vape, and Marijuana Trends
  • Mobile Apps
  • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Fashion & Style
  • Food and Beverage
  • Technology
  • eCommerce
  • Video Games
  • Adult Erotica

Learn more here: Seo Article/Content Writing

Book/Article Proofreading

She’s really a huge professional in the proofreading service. John my client hired her on a contract basis. On this, she does the following:

  •  24-hour turnaround (24 hours per 2000 words).
  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence flow corrections made.
  • Manual proofreading (word for word).
  • Readability, paraphrasing for poor sentence structure corrections.
  • Passive sentence checks and corrections.
  • Microsoft Track Changes used as a standard.
  • Novels, eBooks, articles, essays, blog posts, websites, business plans, etc are accepted
  • Refund if no changes required.
  • Can accept any file format including PDF (Contact me first for this).

Learn more here: Book/Article Proofreading

Sales/Ads Copy Writing

This is another area that she’s very great at, I have used her for a couple of my ads copy content and tell you, she’s great! She works with her team on this and does the following:

  • Social Media Ads
  • Sales and Advertising
  • Flyers, Brochures, and Media
  • WebSites and About Us Pages
  • Emails and Letters
  • Landing page Content
  • Opt-in Pages Content
  • Squeeze Pages Content
  • Sales pages Content and more

Additional Skills Offered!

  • Landing page design
  • Squeeze page design
  • Sales Page design
  • WordPress Design
  • Up-sells design
  • Jvzoo affiliate pages
  • Affiliate sales page and more

Learn more here: Sales/Ads Copy Writing

Kindle/Ebook Conversion and Formatting

Whether you are looking to publish your book or get more insight about publishing, she also does that. Personally, I have made use of her service for a very cheap rate to get a highly quality format for Amazon Kindle, and Epub format.

On this, she does the following:

  • Can convert any file word document file to epub, pdf, Mobi, HTML, ODT etc.
  • Can format Children’s Book, Cook, and Recipes book.
  •  Convert your Word doc to a unique and special PDF format for Amazon Createspace?
  • Convert your document to a Kindle format

Learn more here: Kindle/Ebook Conversion and Formatting

The next great person is:

Name: Zult

Fiverr Freelance Website:

Profession:  Author, WordPress Website Installer and Designer, Landing Pages builder, Squeeze Pages builder, Sales Pages builder, Opt-in Pages builder and Also Landing Page Ads Content Writer

His Services Include:

WordPress Website Installation and Design

Zult is an expert in website building, I was not surprised when the client I referred to him called me to express gratitude for referring her to such a great person.

For those looking to have that perfect blog, e-commerce website, business website, etc. I fully recommend Zult, as he’s good at what he does.

Learn more here: WordPress Website Installation and Design

Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, and Opt-in Pages

Whether you are looking to run your ads, sale your product and build your email list, then you need Zult services, I have particularly used him in all my ads copy and landing page. The good thing about him is that he’s able to write your ads content, build sleek pages and even host such page for you on request. He does the following perfectly:

The good thing about him is that he’s able to write your ads content, build sleek pages and even host such page for you on request. He does the following perfectly:

  • High quality and Pixel Perfect design
  • Responsive HTML website design
  • Valid and updated HTML,CSS code
  • Compatible with all Devices & Browsers
  • Superb Designs
  • Mobile/Desktop responsive and optimized
  • Fast delivery.

Learn more here: Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, and Opt-in Pages

Landing Page Ads Content

Needing that top-notch content for your landing page, then, look no further as he does that too!

Learn more here: Landing Page Ads Content

So there you have it folks, these are the  Freelancers I use on Fiverr, mainly because they are experienced, professional, highly friendly and affordable.

The main reason that I singled them out is because I have done deals with them (and still doing deals with them). In fact, most of my clients are presently doing deals with them and are happy having them do most of their work.

I believe my readers could find this information very useful, and I hope this piece helps them make an informed decision if ever they need any of the above services listed.

Be sure to share this info to as much people as you can, as some people should definitely find it extremely useful and a big relief.




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